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Harry Potter dominates the weekend box office with $79.5 million opening

So apparently not everyone agrees with me about Half-Blood Prince. Though it failed to set an opening day record, it managed to consistently pull in more than $20 million a day through the weekend. Potter pulled in an estimated $26.8 million on Friday, $29.2 million on Saturday, and $23.4 million on Sunday. These aren't mind-blowing numbers, but they are consistent.

Here's a comparison of the opening weekends of all six Potter movies.

  • $90,294,621: The Sorcerer's Stone
  • $88,357,488: The Chamber of Secrets
  • $93,687,367: The Prisoner of Azkaban
  • $102,335,066: The Goblet of Fire
  • $77,108,414: The Order of the Phoenix
  • $79,475,000: The Half-Blood Prince

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The Box Office is quite Twittery lately

Reuters has written about something I’ve been noticing lately. Movies are flopping a lot faster this year. They’re also rising a lot faster. From my experience, midnight showings are growing more popular, though perhaps its because this year is particularly full of sequels (what year isn’t).

Reuters speculates that social site Twitter is responsible for a lot of the hastening.It’s one of many new ways movie fans are instantly communicating with one another. Many times, people text or Twitter right during the movie, to the dismay of everyone sitting around them.

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Bruno opens strong, but unlike Borat, trends down (number breakdown)

Bruno hit the box office in dominant fashion, taking in $30.4 million dollars over the weekend, about $4 million more than Sacha Baron Cohen’s last film, Borat. However, the two films are trending very differently. Bruno opened with a strong Friday showing of $14 million (which includes the midnight shows on Thursday), but slid to $8.8 million Saturday, then again to $7.2 million on Sunday. Usually Saturday numbers top Friday’s. It opened in 2,656 theaters across the country.

Borat, which also opened on a Friday (11/3/2006) made less, $26.4 million, in its first weekend, but built momentum through the weekend. It grossed $9.2 million Friday, $10.1 million Saturday, and $7 million Sunday. By the way, it grossed this in only 837 theaters—1,819 less than Bruno.

Borat jumped to 2,566 theaters in its second weekend and made $28.2 million. Few movies manage to grow their box office over the second weekend. Usually a film will lose 25-60% of its first weekend numbers during week two.

Bruno, having already opened in $2,556 theaters, has nowhere to trend but down. I can’t see this film topping Borat’s $128.5 million domestic box office total. It may not even crack $100 million.

My review of Bruno can be found here.

For those who hate paragraphs, here are the two films in list form.

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Bruno does the Top 10 on David Letterman

Sacha Baron Cohen gave the Top 10 Reasons to See Bruno on David Letterman last night. Not too bad. I like the one-sided sassy smirk he gives inbetween each reason. It reminds me of a friend of mine, who gives a great shit-eating grin. Check it out. My review of Bruno can be found here.


Review - Bruno ***

Like Borat before it, Bruno is filled with some very funny confrontational humor. Those who liked the extended nude chase/wrestling and Rodeo scene in Borat will like this movie. It’s full of gay sex, celebrity baby, and Hitler jokes.  It’s much more shocking, but not as fun as Borat.

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