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'Tower Heist' review - Wow, Eddie Murphy is funny again

How the hell do you get Steve McQueen’s red Farrari out of the top of Trump Tower? That’s the conundrum facing Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy in Tower Heist. Their solution doesn’t make much sense, but it’s as practical as movies like these get. No one moment of Brett Ratner’s new comedy heist will blow you away, but it’s a surprisingly consistent and funny movie. And hey, it’s the first time Eddie Murphy has been funny outside a Shrek movie in more than a decade. Now that’s worth celebrating. 

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Casey Affleck doesn't know what "I'm Still Here" is about - his own movie

Roger Ebert has posted a great interview with Casey Affleck about his recently outed mockumentary I'm Still Here, which follows the exploits of Joaquin Phoenix. The actor grew a beard, quit acting, and tried to start a rap career. Most reviewers suspected it was staged, but none knew for sure, until Affleck came clean to the New York Times some days ago. Ebert, who believed the film was real, asked the director what the point of the movie was; you know, why the two of them spent a year creating this character and story. His response: he doesn't really know.

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