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New Remake of Stephen King's 'Carrie' Might Not Suck

No author’s work is more popular among Hollywood’s magic makers than that of Stephen King, and director Kimberly Pierce’s (Boys Don’t Cry) latest project is no exception. Carrie is expected to be released March 15, 2013. As with every single King based movie in existence, already one cast member (Chloe Moretz) has gone on record as stating the remake will be “kind of” following the novel more so than the 1976 film. Of course, that means the MGM remake will be keeping as true to the book published over 30 years ago as possible, while also modernizing the story.

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'Hugo' review - A marvelous film about the magic of cinema

Hugo is a marvelous film about the magic of cinema.

If you’re skeptical, you’re forgiven, as this is a jarring departure from Director Martin Scorsese’s usual material. But what it lacks in gangsters and bullets it makes up for in passion and spectacle. Though billed as a movie for children (and certainly entertaining enough for them), Hugo is a labour of love, and an homage to the visual pleasures of cinema that will delight audiences of all ages and tastes.

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