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Dark days ahead for The Dark Knight - Does Nolan have an ace up his sleeve?

The latest Dark Night Rises teaser poster has hit the web this weekend and it’s not looking good for the bat. The poster shows a seemingly victorious Bane, played by Tom Hardy, walking away from a shattered Batman mask lying on the ground in the pouring rain, with the tagline, “The Legend Ends.”

So is it the end of Batman? It’s certainly the end of the Christopher Nolan/ Christian Bale era. With Nolan admitting that this is the last of a trilogy and Bale saying last week that having finished filming his character’s scenes it’s “the last time I’m taking that cowl off.” No ambiguity there.

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Is The Fighter an Oscar contender? Check out the new trailer

No, this isn't Cinderella Man 2. It's Mark Wahlberg's dream movie; the actor has been trying to get The Fighter made for years now and his dedication has finally paid off. Starring with him is Christian Bale and Amy Adams, neither of whom I have any complaints about. The story is pretty simple. Wahlberg is on a winning streak and his crazy brother, Bale, is his trainer. Bale gets into trouble and Wahlberg starts losing. No rise comes without its falls. The trailer is below.

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Review - Public Enemies ***1/2

Watching “Public Enemies” taught me that John Dillinger (Johnny Depp) likes baseball, movies, fast cars, and Billie Frechette (Marion Cotillard), but not as much as he loves robbing banks. Unfortunately, I never learned anything more about him. Public Enemies is a good movie, but wholly unconcerned with its characters.

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