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Dark days ahead for The Dark Knight - Does Nolan have an ace up his sleeve?

The latest Dark Night Rises teaser poster has hit the web this weekend and it’s not looking good for the bat. The poster shows a seemingly victorious Bane, played by Tom Hardy, walking away from a shattered Batman mask lying on the ground in the pouring rain, with the tagline, “The Legend Ends.”

So is it the end of Batman? It’s certainly the end of the Christopher Nolan/ Christian Bale era. With Nolan admitting that this is the last of a trilogy and Bale saying last week that having finished filming his character’s scenes it’s “the last time I’m taking that cowl off.” No ambiguity there.

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The Dark Knight Rises teaser poster revealed

We're about one year away from the release of the final installment of the Batman Begins trilogy: The Dark Knight Rises. While I'm not huge on the name, I can't help but get excited at even the smallest bit of information. Warner Bros. has released the first teaser poster for the movie, and it looks like it could belong to Inception. We can only wonder if the third film in the trilogy will have a mental edge to it.

We do know that the villain Bane (Thomas Hardy) is in the film, and the cast now includes Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Anne Hathaway. Supposedly, we should see a trailer before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 later this week. Consider us "stoked."


Check out this amazing fan-made, 1950s-style trailer for 'Inception'!

Needless to say, movie trailers have changed a lot in the past 60 years.  Trailers have steadily become bigger, badder, and some might argue, more effective.  Sometimes horrible movies have amazing trailers, and sometimes great movies are undermined by bad ones.  

To see just how much trailers have evolved, check out an awesome 1950s version of the Inception trailer, as well as the real trailer, after the jump.

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Michael Caine "confirms" 'Inception' ending -- but not really 

In an interview on a BBC Radio talk show, actor Michael Caine gave his own spin on one of the most talked about movies of the year. 

Warning - spoilers for Inception after the jump! 

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How Inception should have ended

You'd think the Inception gags would get old by now. I mean the movie has been out for almost two months. No sir. Here's a well made animation from the folks at How It Should Have Ended. It's a bit overdone, but gets pretty good in the end. Keep em coming guys!

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Here's the solution to Inception! (funny)

The last frame of this one gets me. This was sent to me by a friend. Everybody's been looking for plot holes in Inception and this may be it. I wish If I knew who made it, I would credit them. If you know, please post a comment or email me!


Toy Story 3 meets Inception in this mashup (awesome)

I can't get enough of these Inception mashups. This one comes from the folks at ScreenRant. What is Toy Story 3 had been directed by Christopher Nolan? Watch the re-cut below. 

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Inception #1 again this weekend! Has Salt spilled?

I love it when a great movie is rewarded in dollars. The final numbers are in and Inception, which I saw again this weekend, maintained its momentum this weekend, raking in $43.5 million, a drop of only 31% from last week ($62.7 million). To put that into perspective, most films drop somewhere between 45 and 75% in their second weekend of release. For example, The Last Airbender dropped 58.7% in its second weekend. This shows that Inception is getting good word of mouth, and should have no trouble making back its budget  of $160 million. According to Box Office Mojo, the film is holding up better than any film in a similar circumstance since The Matrix in 1999.

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Inception extracts an impressive $61.7 million over the weekend (box office)

For a while, I thought I might be dreaming, but Inception is officially a hit. Audiences around the country have recognized a great film for its merits, not its brand. The Christopher Nolan epic brought in $61.7 million from around 3,792 theaters, topping even the best estimates of $60 million. It's the best opening ever for star Leonardo DiCaprio, and probably most everyone else in the film, and also the 2nd best opening for a science fiction film that isn't a sequel. Avatar is first.

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INCEPTION is a masterpiece that will leave you breathless (review)

Rating:  (Exceptional)

When Inception ended, everyone in my theater let out a collective gasp. We had all been a part of something truly intense. Not since Requiem for a Dream has a movie so tightly wound me into its world. Christopher Nolan explores the realm of dreams, memories, and the subconscious mind with Inception, the film that will surely make him a household name. Amidst a sea of remakes, sequels, and by-the-numbers blockbusters, Nolan has made one the most unpredictable, astounding pieces of art I've ever seen. I recommend you stop reading and go watch it.

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