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Weinstein Company orders a rewrite of Fraggle Rock script to "connect with an older, more sophisticated audience"

Well, I think I'm on the Weinstein's side of the argument now. Here's the story: about three weeks ago, Cory Edwards--who is under contract to write and direct a new Fraggle Rock movie--went rogue and wrote a long blog post accusing the Weinstein Co. (they have the cash) of conspiring against him and trying to ruin the beloved children's series by making it "edgy." I discussed the whole thing, at length, here.

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Weinsteins, don't frak with Fraggle Rock!

Just when I thought Fraggle Rock might be safe from silly creatures, The Weinstein Company pulls this. According to a blog post from writer/director Cory Edwards, Weinstein Co. executives have put out an open call for a new scriptwriter to completely rewrite Edwards' finished script and develop a more "edgy" Fraggle Rock. Worse, they did so without contacting him even though he will be responsible for directing the movie. This is not a good situation.

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