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First picture of Bond from 'Skyfall' released

Skyfall - First pic of James Bond, in Shanghai

A single picture hardly justifies a blog post (or does it?), but I happen to be quite excited for Skyfall, the next James Bond movie. This picture shows Daniel Craig in Shanghai, China. What he’s doing there, we do not know, but we know that he’s probably packing a few gadgets since Q (a young Q played by Ben Whisaw) has been confirmed for the film as well as two Bond girls, Naomie Harris and Berenice Marlohe.

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'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' review - An impeccably crafted mystery

On November 9th 2004, 50-year-old Swedish journalist Stieg Larsson died after climbing seven flights of stairs to his office and subsequently suffering a heart attack. Discovered amongst his possessions were manuscripts for three completed, unpublished novels that he had written as personal projects over a number of years. The first was printed and sold in Sweden less than one year later under the title Män som hatar kvinnor (Men Who Hate Women), and again several years later in English as “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’re probably aware that this novel sold spectacularly well across the globe, gave rise to two sequels, and spawned a successful trilogy of Swedish-made film adaptations.

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James Bond 23 named 'Skyfall' - first plot details emerge

It's been a long time coming, but Bond 23 is finally moving ahead. In a press announcement today, the 23rd James Bond movie's title, cast, and first plot details were revealed. Named Skyfall, the new film is a completely new adventure, and not tied to any previous Ian Fleming or Bond book. Daniel Craig will return as 007 for a third time and Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Road to Perdition, Jarhead, Revolutionary Road) will direct. 

Here's what we know about the plot: "Bond’s loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost."

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The Adventures of Tintin trailer - Spielberg directs a motion-capture mystery

I know next to nothing about Tintin, his adventures, or this upcoming collaboration between Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. After seeing the trailer for The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, however; I've gone from 0 to 60. The story looks dark and gripping. It's been a while since we've had a good mystery movie in theaters. 

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Daniel Craig to star in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 

James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, will play journalist Mikael Blomkvist in the upcoming American adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The film is the first of a possible trilogy of films. According to Deadline, he will begin work once Cowboys and Aliens is done shooting this fall. There is no word yet on how this may affect the status of Bond 23.

If you've heard of this film recently, it's probably because it is currently in select theaters all around the world--as is The Girl Who Played with Fire--and making quite a stir. The only problem (if you see it that way) is that it's in Swedish. I haven't had the chance to see it yet, but look forward to getting it on video soon. You can read more about the plot and reception here


Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig to wait for Bond 23 (for now)

There is no update on the status of Bond 23, but its director and star are still interested, if the financial meltdown at MGM can resolve itself sometime soon. While Director Sam Mendes (American Beauty) and Daniel Craig are both accepting projects in the short term, "insider sources" have told Deadline Hollywood that both plan to "fully come back to James Bond after MGM sorts itself out."

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Daniel Craig is hopeful BOND 23 will resume production soon

On Tuesday, production on the 23rd James Bond film was postponed indefinitely by series producers Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli because of the uncertain situation surrounding MGM, the company that owns the Bond franchise. In an interview with BBC News, Daniel Craig weighed in on the subject.

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BOND 23 is on hold until MGM gets its act together

In today's most disappointing news, production on the next James Bond film has been suspended indefinitely due to the ongoing uncertainty over MGM's future. Stewards of the franchise since 1995, Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli of EON Productions issued a joint statement today, according to (via Filmonic).

"Due to the continuing uncertainty surrounding the future of MGM and the failure to close a sale of the studio, we have suspended development on 'Bond 23' indefinitely. We do not know when development will resume and do not have a date for the release of 'Bond 23,'" stated Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli jointly.

While the timeline of Bond 23 has been up in the air for some time, it's sad to see it officially delayed. It could be months before Time Warner or another company purchases all or part of MGM. It's not a good situation. The film was scheduled to hit theaters in the 2011/2012 time frame. 


BOND 23 is coming, but nobody knows when. Sam Mendes might direct, but nobody knows for sure.

For a covert operative, James Bond has been in the news a lot lately. Everyone seems to be wondering about the progress of the Bond 23--the unnamed 23rd Bond film. The problem centers around MGM, the owner of the Bond franchise, and how it happens to be $3.7 billion dollars in debt and auctioning off its assets. I compiled the last few days of big Bond news after the jump. 

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Movie News Bits - some ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT movie plot details, 23rd Bond to film next year, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2?, Netflix on PS3

News without the fluff. I still haven't come up with a tagline for this. In any case, nothing earth shattering happened this weekend, but we did get a few new details on the "Arrested Development" movie, Netflix, and the next Bond film. Enjoy.

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