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Darth Vader Batman?

This was drawn by Erin Fife in 2007. Is this a hero or villain? Would he fight crime in Gotham or Jedis in space? When did he live? Long ago? Does he have a son named Robin? This drawing raises more questions than Chewbacca fighting Nazis on a giant squirrel.

Thanks to /Film for the link.


Darth Schwarzenegger!

Take scenes from the original Star Wars and replace Darth Vader's voice with Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes. A simple, and elegant way to make them funny. Enjoy!

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Interesting short film: The Crises of Capitalism (video)

This blog isn't political, but this is one of the coolest little shorts I've seen. It's an animation created to accompany a very good 11 minute speech given by David Harvey this past April. Harvey goes into convincing detail on some of the broad causes of the financial problems plaguing the entire world. He doesn't single anyone out with malice, but instead asks if we shouldn't look toward something beyond capitalism. Fun, well animated, and thought-provoking. The video is below.

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Darth Vader makes a World Cup goal (funny)

While there are probably too many Darth Vader parodies out there, this one is pretty good. If you haven't heard, the World Cup (soccer, aka football to some) is happening right about nowish. I wish the U.S. had Darth Vader on their team. As you can see, he's quite an asset. Just don't call him a cheater. I found this video on nerdcore. It's a commercial for a cell phone company in Europe--a good one. Enjoy.