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The Expendables debuts decently, Scott Pilgrim is in for a fight (box office) 

It seems that collecting every major action star and having them shoot shit for an hour and a half will get you $35 million. It's a far cry from today's biggest releases, but puts the movie well on its way to breaking its $70 million budget. At 64, Sylvester Stallone is officially an action star again. Julia Roberts ate, prayed, and loved her way to number two. The full Top 10 is below.

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The Other Guys extracts Inception from the #1 spot (box office)

I'm gonna get sad when I can't use terrible Inception jokes in these box office rundowns. Yes, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay have taken down the Christopher Nolan, who sat atop the box office for an impressive three weeks

  1. The Other Guys - $35,600,000 (Total: $35,600,000)
  2. Inception - $18,600,000 (Total: $227,732,000)
  3. Step Up 3-D - $15,500,000 (Total: $15,500,000)
  4. Salt - $11,100,000 (Total: $91,980,000)
  5. Dinner for Schmucks - $10,500,000 (Total: $46,746,000)
  6. Despicable Me - $9,400,000 (Total: $209,400,000)
  7. Cats & Dogs: TROKG - $6910,000 (Total: $26,436,000)
  8. Charlie St. Cloud - $4,700,000 (Total: $23,500,000)
  9. Toy Story 3 - $3,048,000 (Total: $396,317,000)
  10. The Kids Are All Right - $2,606,000 (Total: $14,011,000)

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Inception keeps spinning at #1 for a third weekend (box office)

Dinner for Schmucks can't dethrone Inception, which continues its dream run in theaters this weekend. 

  1. Inception - $27,520,000 (Total: $193,348,000)
  2. Dinner for Schmucks - $23,300,000 (Total: $23,300,000)
  3. Salt - $19,250,000 (Total: $70,800,000)
  4. Despicable Me - $15,543,000 (Total: $190,349,000)
  5. Cats & Dogs: Kitty Galore - $12,525,000 (Total: $12,525,000)
  6. Charlie St. Cloud - $12,136,000 (Total: $12,136,000)
  7. Toy Story 3 - $5,035,000 (Total: $389,674,000)
  8. Grown Ups - $4,500,000 (Total: $150,713,000)
  9. The Sorcerer's Apprentice - $4,320,000 (Total: $51,881,000)
  10. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - $3,965,000 (Total: $288,200,000)

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Inception extracts an impressive $61.7 million over the weekend (box office)

For a while, I thought I might be dreaming, but Inception is officially a hit. Audiences around the country have recognized a great film for its merits, not its brand. The Christopher Nolan epic brought in $61.7 million from around 3,792 theaters, topping even the best estimates of $60 million. It's the best opening ever for star Leonardo DiCaprio, and probably most everyone else in the film, and also the 2nd best opening for a science fiction film that isn't a sequel. Avatar is first.

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DESPICABLE ME shows the heartfelt side of villainy (review)

Rating:  (Good!)

Gru (Steve Carell) is a super villain who takes pleasure in the small gifts of life. He's the kind of meanie who will take the time to create a balloon animal for a child and give it to him just so he can see the kid's face as he pops it. He'll freeze ray people in line at the coffee shop to get his latte quicker. He does crime for the fun of it. Also, for the fame. But like the Grinch, Despicable Me proves that even the most hardened villain has a heart, however small.

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Trailers: The Last Airbender (first look at Momo!), Despicable Me, The Green Hornet, Resident Evil: Afterlife, and Charlie St. Cloud

It's a sure sign that Summer's started when trailers get this plentiful. I just posted a bunch of new ones last Thursday and I'm already overloaded with new 2-minute movie ads. Despicable Me is the highlight of the trailers, but this new Facebook clip of The Last Airbender is pretty sweet. I'm a big Airbender fan, and the more footage I see, the more optimistic I get. Hopefully, Shyamalan strikes the right balance and adapts the Nickelodeon series well. More trailers below!

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