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'Evil Dead' remake will be "grounded in reality," says writer

It’s not easy to get behind an Ash-less Evil Dead, but it’s possible. An Ash-less Evil Dead written by Diablo Cody though? I just don’t know. To be fair, the Juno writer has been hired only to rewrite Director Fede Alvarez’s script, and is thankfully not going into this project without set boundaries. According to Reelz, Cody has been instructed to keep the remake “grounded in reality,” and promised not to tart up what was once a cult classic with folk music or Jennifer’s Body-style ridiculousness. 

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Gordon-Levitt and Johannson to star in zombie romance (rumor)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlet Johannson are "loosely" attached to star in Breathers: A Zombie's Lament, according to Pajiba. The script, written by Diablo Cody, is adapted from a novel of the same name. In a twist from the many other zombie films out there, this one will be about love, of all things. The book follows an undead man (Gordon-Levitt) who must come to grips with living as a decaying mound of flesh in a society that denies zombies basic rights. Johannson, I assume, falls in love with the dead guy. Sheesh. Women will fall in love with anything these days.

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Jennifer's Body proves Megan Fox and Adam Brody can act (Review)

If you are in high school and an insanely hot girl comes on to you out of nowhere, don’t get excited. She may want to eat your organs and drink your blood. Or at least, I think she wants to eat your organs and drink your blood. Do yourself a favor and start running anyway. It’s not entirely clear what Megan Fox is up to in Jennifer’s Body, a surprisingly offbeat horror/comedy/teen film by the writer of Juno, but it’s not good.

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