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THE BOX is perplexing but powerful (Review)


Never push the big red button. It's never a good idea. Things blow up, people die, civilizations end, bad guys laugh. Still, it's always too tempting to resist. The big red button is a problem for us, it seems. In The Box that button does two things: it rewards you with one million dollars and ends the life of someone you do not know. Is it worth it? It's certainly worth exploring.

Would you walk naked down Time's Square on a busy day if someone promised peace somewhere else in the world? Would you really sacrifice your dignity for those you don't know? Richard Matheson asks this in the forward to his short story, Button, Button.

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"The Crazies" trailer goes live (Video)

Zombies are back, though I’m not sure they ever left. On the eve of Zombieland hitting theaters, a trailer for The Crazies has finally gone live. As I reported on Wednesday, the film is a remake of a 1973 George Romero film of the same name. The remake stars Timothy Olyphant and takes place in a small Iowa town where a toxin contaminates the water supply, turning everyone completely crazy. Here’s the trailer.

Kudos to whoever made this trailer for using the Donnie Darko theme “Mad World” (a Tears for Fears remake by Gary Jules). I can’t think of a more depressing song. Read the rest of my thoughts at Collider.

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