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'Friends With Kids' trailer plays around with the necessity of marriage

Just hearing the title Friends With Kids made me a little wary when my friend first sat me down to watch this trailer. A lot of comedy movies that surround pregnancy and children tend to get a little too slapstick for the sake of trying to pull a laugh out of the audience. But Friends With kids looks like it’s going to put character relationships at the forefront and let the humor naturally evolve from there. Still, I have my reservations.

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Nice Guy Johnny, a new Edward Burns movie, has a trailer

Edward Burns talked at my University some time ago, but I missed the chance to meet him. He may have discussed this very movie. The writer/director premiered it at the Tribeca Film Festival and is pretty much heading straight to DVD in October. Still, heading straight to DVD without a wide release has no bearing on a film's quality these days, just studio reluctance to release anything beyond safe. 

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