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'The Darkest Hour' reviews suggest the worst for this alien invasion flick

The Darkest Hour, the latest in a long line of alien invasion movies, opened on Christmas day to a host of poor reviews. Following a promising-looking trailer and scripted by Jon Spaiht, whose next project is none other than Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, The Darkest Hour looked set to deliver one of the best movies of a well-worked genre to date. Sadly it seems this particular invasion may have crashed and burned.

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Taking Woodstock finds magic behind the spectacle (Review)

Taking Woodstock will probably bore some people. It has its share of oddities, doesn’t stick to a genre, and doesn’t actually show much of the Woodstock stage or music. However, for me, it provides the first real glimpse into the magical event that Woodstock really was. Director Ang Lee shows us Woodstock from an outsider’s eye, and its well worth a gander.

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