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LEGEND OF THE GUARDIANS is too epic for its own good (review)

Rating:  (Mediocre)

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole intends to be an epic, like Lord of the Rings for families. On paper, it has enough slow-mo shots, big fights, evil villainny, and travel to be such a story. On film, it falls short. While beautifully animated and intimately detailed, this adventure tries so hard to be epic that it's kind of a bore. And don't even get me started on the science of it all, or lack thereof. 

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Finally! Harry Potter becomes Lord of the Rings (new Deathly Hallows trailer)

I've been waiting for the Harry Potter films to get as epic as Lord of the Rings for a decade. Finally, it might happen. If not, this trailer is a big liar! Granted, I haven't read the books, because I want to see the entire series in movie form first, but I've always thought the movies stopped short of being true epics. Some get close (Prisoner of Azkaban), but others fall short (Half-Blood Prince). Still, few of them retain the magic of the books either, or so I'm told by "book readers." I say, if you aren't going to stay true to the novels, at least make some epic shit. It looks like Deathly Hallows, the two-part finale, might end the series on the climactic note it's deserved for some time now. Am I crazy?

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