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'Evil Dead' remake will be "grounded in reality," says writer

It’s not easy to get behind an Ash-less Evil Dead, but it’s possible. An Ash-less Evil Dead written by Diablo Cody though? I just don’t know. To be fair, the Juno writer has been hired only to rewrite Director Fede Alvarez’s script, and is thankfully not going into this project without set boundaries. According to Reelz, Cody has been instructed to keep the remake “grounded in reality,” and promised not to tart up what was once a cult classic with folk music or Jennifer’s Body-style ridiculousness. 

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Homer Simpson Vs. Army of Darkness (poster)

Trapped in time.
Surrounded by evil.
Low on Duff.

Fans of Sam Raimi's Evil Dead series and The Simpsons should get a kick out of this. I wish Matt Groaning would try something like this, as Family Guy has had a lot of success with its Star Wars remakes. The picture was drawn by Paul Williams and is a part of Another 100 Days of Art charity. 

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