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THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU trailer takes Big Brother to a new level

And you thought The Man would be content watching you for infractions. It turns out, he's planning your entire life, right down to the bus you take to get to work. You'd think that if all of life was planned, there would be no way to break the design. Death has the same problem, time and again, in Final Destination.

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The Final Destination proves Death just wants to have fun (Review)

Death must have a sense of humor. If it has a “design,” why does it let kids keep breaking the rules? And when they do, why doesn’t it just kill them quick? Maybe a brain hemorrhage or a heart attack? Instead, it waits days and weeks, slowly plucking them off in bizarre and messy ways, usually killing innocent bystanders in the process. Were they “designed” to die when Death was cleaning up its mess? Meh, too many questions. It’s The Final Destination: watch the explosions, impalements, and put on your 3D glasses.

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