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WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS is more reaction than action, but a good story nonetheless

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It serves as a sign of the times that the villain in Wall Street, Gordon Gekko, is now the hero in its sequel. He hasn't changed all that much either; the world has just gotten greedier around him. "Greed is good," he says in a lecture, "and now it seems it's legal." In 1987, Oliver Stone made a bold statement about greed and where we were headed as a society; he was ahead of his time. Unfortunately, instead of killing greed since the 80s, Wall Street simply got quieter and more clever about it, inventing new ways to play its game.

In Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Stone shows he still understands the subject and has something to say, but he's late to the soap box. The biggest financial meltdown in history has already happened. Why didn't we get a new Wall Street 3-4 years ago, when it might have made a difference? Stone didn't see the financial market meltdown coming either; Now, instead of making a bold statement on greed, he's filmed a somewhat tame reaction to catastrophe. 

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Trailer: Inside Job, another look at the U.S. financial meltdown

What happens when we create systems so complex even we don't understand the repercussions? If God exists, he must have had a few meltdowns himself in the early days. I'm sure there were a few three-legged Adams and eight-eyed Eves before he got the formula just right (wait...uh oh). The near-collapse of our entire economy in 2008 is the closest the United States has come to completely falling apart in some time. Based on the fact that this documentary is out and you're watching a trailer for it on a computer with power, you can see that we've made it through, so far. Still, it never hurts to double check.

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Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig to wait for Bond 23 (for now)

There is no update on the status of Bond 23, but its director and star are still interested, if the financial meltdown at MGM can resolve itself sometime soon. While Director Sam Mendes (American Beauty) and Daniel Craig are both accepting projects in the short term, "insider sources" have told Deadline Hollywood that both plan to "fully come back to James Bond after MGM sorts itself out."

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Interesting short film: The Crises of Capitalism (video)

This blog isn't political, but this is one of the coolest little shorts I've seen. It's an animation created to accompany a very good 11 minute speech given by David Harvey this past April. Harvey goes into convincing detail on some of the broad causes of the financial problems plaguing the entire world. He doesn't single anyone out with malice, but instead asks if we shouldn't look toward something beyond capitalism. Fun, well animated, and thought-provoking. The video is below.

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