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Weinstein Company orders a rewrite of Fraggle Rock script to "connect with an older, more sophisticated audience"

Well, I think I'm on the Weinstein's side of the argument now. Here's the story: about three weeks ago, Cory Edwards--who is under contract to write and direct a new Fraggle Rock movie--went rogue and wrote a long blog post accusing the Weinstein Co. (they have the cash) of conspiring against him and trying to ruin the beloved children's series by making it "edgy." I discussed the whole thing, at length, here.

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Weinsteins, don't frak with Fraggle Rock!

Just when I thought Fraggle Rock might be safe from silly creatures, The Weinstein Company pulls this. According to a blog post from writer/director Cory Edwards, Weinstein Co. executives have put out an open call for a new scriptwriter to completely rewrite Edwards' finished script and develop a more "edgy" Fraggle Rock. Worse, they did so without contacting him even though he will be responsible for directing the movie. This is not a good situation.

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DARK CRYSTAL sequel still on the way, say designers (video)

It's been 28 years since The Dark Crystal hit theaters, and there's been rumor of a sequel for a good portion of that time. Recently, the Hensen Company actually started work on sequels to some of its more obscure brands, including The Dark Crystal and Fraggle Rock. A new Muppet movie, written by Jason Segal, is also on the way. Things appear hopeful, but it's good to be reassured. Brian and Wendy Froud have done just that. The duo designed all of the creatures, sets, and props in the original film and are very certain that another Dark Crystal is on its way. (Fun fact: Wendy designed Yoda from The Empire Strikes Back, as well.)

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