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WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS is more reaction than action, but a good story nonetheless

Rating:  (Good)

It serves as a sign of the times that the villain in Wall Street, Gordon Gekko, is now the hero in its sequel. He hasn't changed all that much either; the world has just gotten greedier around him. "Greed is good," he says in a lecture, "and now it seems it's legal." In 1987, Oliver Stone made a bold statement about greed and where we were headed as a society; he was ahead of his time. Unfortunately, instead of killing greed since the 80s, Wall Street simply got quieter and more clever about it, inventing new ways to play its game.

In Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Stone shows he still understands the subject and has something to say, but he's late to the soap box. The biggest financial meltdown in history has already happened. Why didn't we get a new Wall Street 3-4 years ago, when it might have made a difference? Stone didn't see the financial market meltdown coming either; Now, instead of making a bold statement on greed, he's filmed a somewhat tame reaction to catastrophe. 

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THE BOX is perplexing but powerful (Review)


Never push the big red button. It's never a good idea. Things blow up, people die, civilizations end, bad guys laugh. Still, it's always too tempting to resist. The big red button is a problem for us, it seems. In The Box that button does two things: it rewards you with one million dollars and ends the life of someone you do not know. Is it worth it? It's certainly worth exploring.

Would you walk naked down Time's Square on a busy day if someone promised peace somewhere else in the world? Would you really sacrifice your dignity for those you don't know? Richard Matheson asks this in the forward to his short story, Button, Button.

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