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Batman SNL short - Steve Buscemi deals with the Dark Knight's tendency to disappear

The SNL Digital Shorts are hit or miss, but it’s always fun to see what strange idea Andy Samberg and his team come up with. Steve Buscemi hosted SNL this week. As it turns out, he makes a great Commissioner Gordon. In this short, Gordon deals with Batman’s (Andy Samberg) rather annoying knack for appearing and disappearing. And what shower scene would be complete without a hint of gay Aquaman? 

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Darth Vader makes a World Cup goal (funny)

While there are probably too many Darth Vader parodies out there, this one is pretty good. If you haven't heard, the World Cup (soccer, aka football to some) is happening right about nowish. I wish the U.S. had Darth Vader on their team. As you can see, he's quite an asset. Just don't call him a cheater. I found this video on nerdcore. It's a commercial for a cell phone company in Europe--a good one. Enjoy.