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New Monsters trailer shows more alien aftermath (video)

Monsters is one of my most anticipated releases. Directed by Gareth Edwards in Mexico, it shows what a good filmmaker can accomplish, even with almost no money. All of the special effects were done by Edwards himself. Like 28 Days Later, it's a supernatural movie with monsters, but it's more about the psychology of the characters. Cloverfield 2, this is not. Still, it's one of way too many alien invasion movies coming out in the next couple years. 

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Monsters (a Cloverfield/Mist-ish drama) has an official trailer

Monsters has been building buzz for a while. The setup is pretty simple: aliens landed in Mexico some years ago and about half of the country is now quarantined with big walls while the U.S. and Mexican militaries battle the super-sized creatures. (See chart above.) A photojournalist (Scoot McNairy) has to travel through the infected zone to find a girl. Things don't go as planned. 

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