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'Red Tails' review - The dogfights are amazing, but the script never takes off

During World War II, the United States military was racially segregated much like the rest of the country. The “Tuskagee Airmen,” or 332nd Fighter Group, were the only African Americans allowed to pilot during the war. They were awesome and earned much acclaim from their missions in Italy and their work protecting fleets of bombers across Europe. Red Tails (IMDB page), produced by George Lucas, is an attempt to tell their story. If you’re looking for an honest retelling though, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Red Tails spends most of its screen time concentrating on aerial battles and grand speeches about racism, but fails to show the actual struggles these men all went through under the rule of Jim Crow.

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George Lucas to theatrically re-release all six Star Wars movies in 3D

George Lucas woke up today and realized that it's been almost five years since he graced us with a Star Wars movie. So, much like a day he woke up in 1996, the director has decided to theatrically re-release every Star Wars movie available, all six of them, in order, beginning with the prequels. Better yet, he's re-mastering them in 3D!

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Both Star Wars trilogies are coming to Blu-ray with this crappy deleted scene (video)

The older Star Wars gets, the more it seems to pop up in my news feed. At "Star Wars Celebratioin V" in Orlando, Florida last week, Jon Stewart interviewed George Lucas about his awesomeness. The big news of the night: both Star Wars trilogies are coming to Blu-ray in 2011. Oh, and they showed a "deleted scene" from Return of the Jedi where Darth Vader, via the Force, asks an overly veiled Luke to join the dark side as the Jedi tinkers with his new green lightsaber. It is embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

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Forget dogs and cats - your next pet should be an AT-AT (funny)

Are you in the market for a new pet? It requires more batteries than a dog, but an AT-AT may be right for you! Keep it away from squirrels though. This YouTube short was made by Patrick Boivin, the guy who made the very good looking Iron Baby short a month or two ago. He's pretty good (for a Canadian). Thanks to /Film for the link.


INDIANA JONES 5 outline in place, says Harrison Ford

Another Indiana Jones movie is officially on the way. Harrison Ford spoke with the BBC the other day, confirming that Steven Speilberg, George Lucas, and he have agreed on a basic plot outline for the upcoming film, and that it's happening, but won't hit screens anytime soon.

"The process works like this," he [Ford] said. "We come to some basic agreement and then George goes away for a long time and works on it. Then Steven and I get it in some form, some embryonic form. Then if we like it we start working with George on it and at some point down the line it's ready and we do it."

Let's hope they leave the computer out of this Indy movie. Classic stunts and action were part of what made the series so great.