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The weekend after Thanksgiving is terrible for Hollywood - Here's why

The movie industry is a strange thing. Studio executives like to think they can predict what people want to see at the movies. Sometimes they can, but more often than not, they fail. The art of releasing movies seems to be as much of an emotional game as it is strictly about numbers, which is why I found it very strange when I realized that there were no new films coming out this weekend. Sometimes there four or five major movie releases in a week and once in a while there’s only one, but I cannot remember the last time there were no new wide releases in a weekend. Following a big Thanksgiving weekend filled with three family films—The Muppets, Arthur Christmas, and Hugo—none of the major studios have a film lined up for this weekend. What’s the deal?

The weekend after Thanksgiving is usually bad for films, from what I have read, but is it so bad that studios should give up? I mean, it’s guaranteed to be a bad weekend if absolutely no one is willing to risk releasing a movie. As it stands, The Muppets and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 will battle it out for the top spot.

Being the analytical guy that I am, I’ve gathered and attempted to analyze release and ticket sales data from the last 16 years of post-Thanksgiving box office weekends and see if there are any patterns. As it turns out, fear of the post-Thanksgiving weekend is not a new phenomenon in Hollywood.

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Does Harry Potter have a drinking problem, or does he just hate journalism? (News Round-up)

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Even though I didn’t care much for Half-Blood Prince, I find myself looking up Harry Potter news nonetheless. To my surprise, even though HBP opened a couple weeks ago, there are some new stories about it floating around. Here are a couple good ones.

Some parents think Harry Potter, and everyone at Hogwarts, may have a drinking problem. They may have a point. The recent movie had a lot of drinking and partying. We’re never quite sure what’s in butterbeer either, but when Hermoine drinks it, she acts a bit drunk. Genni ends up making out with a boy at the pub; was this a alcohol induced hookup?

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Harry Potter 6 posts the largest midnight opening ever

I totally predicted this one. $22.2 million from 3,003 theaters: that’s how much Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince grossed at 12:01am last night. It’s a new record, besting The Dark Knight by $4 million. The movie has a shot at the single day record too, which Dark Knight also set at $67,165,092, if it can rake in another $45 million by the end of the night tonight. $45 million is do-able. Transformers 2 made $46 million in it’s opening day, after a midnight showing of $16 million.

I don’t think Harry Potter will be setting any weekend records though. It may trend more like Bruno: down. Much of the audience leaving seemed bewildered and disappointed at my midnight showing. Word of mouth may not go so well, despite the high critical acclaim Half-Blood Prince seems to be getting. From what I’m told, this movie also butchers the book a lot more than the other movies, which will bother hardcore Potter-ites. My review of the movie is here.


Draco Malfoy finally gets evil in Half-Blood Prince (News Recap)

Everyone seems to be talking about Malfoy lately. Below are some snippets from some of the better interviews and articles I’ve read.

USA Todayhas a great article on the evolution of Draco Malfoy in the upcomingHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.Tom Felton, who has played Malfoy for almost a decade, is looking forward to his larger role.

“He’s been given a task to obtain the same greatness as Harry has, working for the other side,” says Felton. “He thinks he’s going to do it, and he revels in the chance to be the chosen one, if you will. He likes to think he’s equally strong-willed as Harry, and whatever Harry can do, he can do better. But deep down, he knows he can’t do it. There’s a real conflict of emotions.” - USA Today

Unlike his character, Fenton seems like a much more sedate and courteous kid. For someone who’s been in five of the most successful movies of all time, he’s very polite too.

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