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Hollywood is playing it safe with remakes, sequels, and licenses

Thompson on Hollywood posted up a brief, but very true, article today about the lack of original movies coming out of Hollywood lately.

It’s an age old argument, and has always been a problem, but it’s reaching dangerous levels. The Hobbit is in development, as are 4th installments to the Alien, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Spider-Man franchises, among others. Steven Speilberg is working on a remake of the classic James Stewart film, Harvey Next, as his next project. I can’t see anyone adequately replacing Jimmy Stewart, but he’s looking at Tom Hanks for Will Smith. Robert Downey Jr. is Sherlock Holmes. There are also quite a few classic novels and other licenses in development, including video game movies like World of Warcraft. What we aren’t seeing is original movies, entirely created for the screen, not adapted to it.

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