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The weekend after Thanksgiving is terrible for Hollywood - Here's why

The movie industry is a strange thing. Studio executives like to think they can predict what people want to see at the movies. Sometimes they can, but more often than not, they fail. The art of releasing movies seems to be as much of an emotional game as it is strictly about numbers, which is why I found it very strange when I realized that there were no new films coming out this weekend. Sometimes there four or five major movie releases in a week and once in a while there’s only one, but I cannot remember the last time there were no new wide releases in a weekend. Following a big Thanksgiving weekend filled with three family films—The Muppets, Arthur Christmas, and Hugo—none of the major studios have a film lined up for this weekend. What’s the deal?

The weekend after Thanksgiving is usually bad for films, from what I have read, but is it so bad that studios should give up? I mean, it’s guaranteed to be a bad weekend if absolutely no one is willing to risk releasing a movie. As it stands, The Muppets and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 will battle it out for the top spot.

Being the analytical guy that I am, I’ve gathered and attempted to analyze release and ticket sales data from the last 16 years of post-Thanksgiving box office weekends and see if there are any patterns. As it turns out, fear of the post-Thanksgiving weekend is not a new phenomenon in Hollywood.

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Is Valve considering making a Half-Life movie itself?

As someone who is finally playing through Half-Life 2 right now, I can say that it would make a great movie. Like many video game developers, Valve does not have a positive history with Hollywood. In an interview with PC Gamer, CEO and co-founder Gabe Newell shared the company's attempts to make a Half-Life movie.

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Studios, Cable providers may put movies OnDemand 30 days after they hit theaters

The theatrical distribution window is shrinking yet again. While most films are already out on DVD within 3-4 months of their theatrical release, Hollywood studios are planning a new home distribution system that will cut that time in half. Cable and Satellite operators like Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and DirecTV could get 30-60 day old movies for release OnDemand, for a premium price, of course. The caveat: they're really expensive.

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Men in Suits shows the men inside Hollywood's monsters (trailer)

When I was younger, the most interesting thing about Star Wars was how George Lucas made everything work. How did they fit a man into R2D2? Who played the Ewoks? Is there someone inside Jabba the Hutt? Men in Suits answers questions like those and helps us get to know the interesting men and women behind Hollywood's monster and robot suits. 

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A new type of piracy is scaring Hollywood and the White House is ready to help

As high speed internet continues to become more widespread, Hollywood continues to grow more fearful of internet piracy. Unlike the RIAA (music industry), Hollywood hasn't yet started suing individual downloaders (though some independent studios have), but they have targeted websites and services that showcase illegally obtained videos. Now, according to the THR, Hollywood is targeting cyberlockering--an old foe with a new face.

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News Bits - David Spade profits off of dead Chris Farley in DirecTV ad, Hollywood downsizes, Batman vanishing video (Funny), SNOW WHITE imagery in CITIZEN KANE

This will be a fairly short and offbeat edition of news bits. There isn't a whole lot of interesting news to cover today. 

David Spade sells out Chris Farley in DirecTV ad

I saw this ad the other day and, I'm sorry, but it rubbed me the wrong way. I'm no huge Chris Farley nut, but didn't anyone think this is a wee bit insulting to the dead comedian? Take a look yourself. /Film seems to agree with me. 

More news and videos after the jump.

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