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JVC's movie picks for the weekend (4/30-5/02)

So, it's the weekend again. You've told yourself that this is going to be the weekend you finally get out to the theater; you're going to see a movie on the big screen. But what should you see? Well, my friend, let me help you out. Below I'll give you my picks of the week. Unfortunately, none of them are new!

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HOT TUB TIME the 80s weren't so great after all? (Review)

Rating:  (Passable)

It's interesting how each generation chooses to immortalize the decade of their youth. None are more colorful and blow-dried than the 1980s. Hot Tub Time Machine celebrates the 80s by mimicking films like Back to the Future and sending its cast to a ski resort in 1986. It's supposed to be a hilarious, nostalgic romp through time, but I never got the feeling I traveled anywhere. There were some laughs, but everything about Hot Tub Time Machine feels like an 80s party in 2010. Its featured guests: Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, John Cusack, and Clark Duke

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