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At 100, 'Titanic' star Gloria Stuart lets go

Gloria Stuart, a beautiful star of many musicals and B-movies from Hollywood's heyday, died in her West Los Angeles home on Sept. 26. She is best known for her wonderful role in James Cameron's Titanic (1997), where she played the 101 year-old Rose. Stuart was nominated for an Academy Award for the part. She was diagnosed with lung cancer several years ago, and is survived by her daughter, four grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren.

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WTF? Avatar: Special Edition DVD will have 7 more minutes of footage than the theatrical re-release

Talk about a scam. Just when I came to terms with James Cameron re-releasing Avatar in theaters with the gimmick of adding 9 minutes of extra footage, reports have surfaced that a new DVD/Blu-ray version of the film with 16 minutes of extra footage will hit shelves in November. That's not the end either. A 3D version of the Blu-ray will not be available until next year with who knows how much more bonus footage. 

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Avatar: Special Edition trailer  

I hope they aren't revealing all the new scenes here. The trailer for Avatar: Special Edition has arrived. The film will be 8 minutes longer than the original and release on more 3D screens than were available when Avatar hit theaters in late 2009. That's really all there is to say, I guess. There are some new Pandoran running beasts in the trailer. That's cool, right?

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Avatar 2-3 may be shot back-to-back, says Cameron

James Cameron is back. With the Avatar re-release set to hit theaters in a couple months, reporters are already hitting him up for another round of sequel information. Speaking on the possibility of back-to-back sequels, he says it's definitely something he's looking into since it could save a lot of money.

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Avatar Special Edition trailer is here with new footage

I'm skeptical about this, but it's happening. I reported a week ago that Avatar was coming back to theaters with 8 minutes of extra footage. Well, now we have a TV trailer for said, re-release. It should be noted that Alice in Wonderland's release in March did kick Avatar out of many 3D theaters sooner than its success deserved. We shall see if there is any pent up demand to see it on the big screen again.

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Avatar is coming back to theaters with 8 extra minutes of footage

James Cameron is re-releasing Avatar in 3D equipped theaters on August 27 with eight minutes of bonus footage crammed inside it. Fox executives explain:

"Avatar: Special Edition is especially gratifying, because not only has Avatar become one of the most beloved films in history, but after its initial theatrical release we have been inundated with requests to re-release the film in theatres in 3D.  Equally important, we're thrilled that Jim Cameron is able to give audiences even more of what they loved about Avatar." - Fox Filmed Entertainment chairmen and CEOs Jim Gianopulos and Tom Rothman

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AVATAR / POCAHONTAS trailer mash-up - check it out!

Watching a video like this should make me sad. Honestly though, it makes me want to watch Pocahontas. I didn't realize how well the visuals held up since 1996. What beautiful animation. Cameron may not be original, but he picks good movies to copy. Thanks to Sasha at AwardsDaily for tweeting this video. She has a good site. Randy Szuch is the creator.


8 Ways Cameron's AVATAR is eerily similar to TITANIC

So the news is out: Avatar has officially surpassed Titanic as the highest grossing movie (worldwide) of all time and will soon surpass it in the United States as well. If my predictions are correct, it will be the first film to break $2 billion in worldwide box office revenue.  To celebrate, I thought it might be time to take a look at some striking similarities between the newest biggest thing and its Titanic predecessor. Enjoy.

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AVATAR still on track to dethrone TITANIC both domestically and worldwide

I previously reported that James Cameron's Avatar might sink Titanic as the top grossing film of all time. Well, some time has passed and it looks like this will happen. After five straight weeks on top of the box office (and probably a sixth right now) Avatar is getting extremely close to dethroning Titanic in both domestic and worldwide box office grosses.

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AVATAR is officially the #2 biggest movie of all time and sequels are confirmed

The numbers don't lie. With $1.13 billion in worldwide box office receipts, Avatar has officially outsold The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King to become the second highest grossing movie of all time, after only 20 days. Can it beat Titanic? Yes, I think it can

In other Avatar news, some guy from Ain't It Cool News claims James Cameron confirmed at a Q&A session that there will be trilogy of Avatar films. This would be the first actual confirmation of a sequel from Cameron. A couple weeks back he said that he's open to the idea of sequels, and that they'd explore the other moons around Pandora, but wanted to see how well the film was received.