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Movies and Melodies #1 - 2010 Best Score nominees

I'm trying something new. This is the first edition of a new podcast I'm debuting here on Cinema Soldier. It'll air every weekend on and new internet radio stations in my area (Michigan, US). I produce several shows, write, and run their websites. Click play to listen, or download the MP3 at the bottom of this post. Let me know what you think! Feedback is appreciated.


Movies and Melodies is a weekly show celebrating beautiful and cinematic music on and off the screen. In my first show, I play some of my favorite tracks from all five of this year's Best Original Film Score nominees: Sherlock Holmes, Avatar, Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Hurt Locker, and Up. If you like anything you hear, there are links below to purchase or preview all of the music in the show.

Click here to follow this show's podcast feed. It will be on iTunes soon. Please shoot me an email if you have a directory where I can't be found.

Movies and Melodies #1 - Nominees for Best Score


AVATAR is a truly visceral experience; go see it


I am stunned and awed by Avatar, James Cameron's new epic. It defies the rules. This is a film with little dialogue, a thin plot, and a predictable end. Every fiber of it is constructed for a mass audience, from the cheesy one-liners to the giant battle at the end. Yet somehow Cameron pulls off the impossible. With Avatar, he has made a brilliant science fiction story (or is it fantasy?) palatable for almost anybody and he's done it, not by showing giant transforming robots with gold teeth and wrecking ball gonads, but by creating an alien world so complete and intensely beautiful that you're forced to separate your eyes from your mind and just enjoy the ride.

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