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'The Woman in Black' review - Harry Potter and the haunted mansion


Daniel Radcliffe would not be happy if he read the headline for this article. The last Harry Potter movie debuted less than a year ago and he’s been working steadily ever since, trying hard to let us know he is more than just Harry Potter. He hasn’t succeeded yet. Though I enjoyed The Woman in Black, I kept wishing for a little wizard action. Where are Hermoine and Ron when you need them? 

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Foster and Winslet join the cast of Polanski's "God of Carnage"

A highlight of my trip to New York City earlier this year was seeing God of Carnage, a broadway show starring Lucy Liu, Janet McTeer, Dylan Baker, and one of my favorite actors, Jeff Daniels. The play takes place on a single set, where two couples meet up after their sons have a fight at school. The sit-down starts out overly civil, then it becomes a shouting match, and eventually everyone self destructs and it all goes to hell. Others liked it too--the play won three Tony awards, including Best Play.

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