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THE LOSERS fails to win my heart

Rating:  (Mediocre)

The Losers is a testosterone-laden "thrill ride" that some moviegoers will get and enjoy. Others will find it somewhat contrived because, well, for a film about a team of exiles presumed dead by the CIA and free to do anything, it unvaryingly sticks to script and plays by the rules. In fact, The Losers is a pretty good template for the comic book action movie. It has everything required of its genre:

  • Insane, physics-denying stunts, developments, and explosions
  • Super men who can accomplish anything and a super villain
  • Stylized editing and cinematography with Matrix slow-mos and quick-cuts
  • A hot chick who plays commando with the boys and sleeps with them
  • A cool MacGuffin to drive the plot forward
  • A slow motion hero shot
  • A witty self-referential sense of humor

Unfortunately, there is a downside: while The Losers represents almost every staple of its genre, it isn't the best movie in its class--not by a stretch. It also fails in one key area: its conclusion. The Losers stumbles to conclude its story no less than three times. Ultimately, it ends as a film we'll remember, less for its whole than its few fun, memorable moments. 

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