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John Lasseter says Pixar's next movie "takes you inside the mind"

Pixar is one of the most successful and adventurous movie studios out there. Though we feared that it may fall into a sequel rut now that it’s owned by Disney, it looks like the studio already has another original project brewing after Brave. And guess what? It may also star a girl—or her mind, at least.

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Cars 2 review - Pixar's big-budget bid for cash

Welcome back to the world of Cars. Did you miss it? Cars was John Lasseter's ode to America's love affair with the automobile, with the slick red racer Lightning McQueen trying to find himself and make a name for Radiator Springs, a forgotten town off Route 66. Replacing much of the heart and character development of the first movie is a new spy thriller, complete with huge explosions, tons of car chases, a mystery, and a race around the entire world. This sequel couldn't be more sequelish if it tried. 

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Pixar cancels Pixar losing itself now that it's a part of Disney?

Newt, an original film, has gotten the axe in favor of a sequel flurry at Pixar. This is the first announced project that Pixar has cancelled. This news comes from Mike Bastoli of The Pixar Blog, who heard it from Disney archivist Dave Smith. Bastoli noticed that the film was no longer on an encyclopedia of Disney titles operated by Smith. Newt was announced in April 2008 at Disney/Pixar's Animation Presentation in New York City and was scheduled to be released in the summer of 2011.

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