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Disney picks up Joseph Kosinski's Oblivion

If only I would have waited a day to show off the artwork in Oblivion. Yesterday, I reported that Disney had first dibs on Joseph Kosinski's graphic novel movie, Oblivion. It turns out that Disney has purchased the rights to the film, reports THR. The reason for the delay? Deadline reports that Disney "sweetened the deal" for Kosinski, adding a potential Tron Legacy sequel into the mix. How fun. Now all Kosinski has to do is make sure Legacy is a good movie. It hits theaters December 17th.


Check out this artwork from Oblivion, a post-apocalyptic epic from Tron Legacy director

Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski shopped Oblivion around during Comic-Con a week or so ago, but no one had anything to show. Finally, the first chapter of the story is online at AICN, taken from a preview book on the showfloor. It is full of many pretty images like the ones you see above and below. 

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