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'Mirror, Mirror' trailer - It makes 'Snow White and The Huntsman' look like 'Citizen Kane'

There are two Snow White films hitting theaters soon, for some reason. Last week, we checked out the first trailer for Snow White & The Huntsman, which takes a moody, Twilight approach to the classic tale, and now we have the first trailer for Mirror, Mirror, which is directed by Tarsem Singh, who was responsible for The Fall, an intriguing movie that blends dream and reality, and more recently, the disappointing Immortals. It was written by three people, none of whom seem terribly experienced at writing good films.  

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VALENTINES DAY is heavy on actors but light on love, actually


He's Just Not That Into You was a decent hit for Warner Bros. last year. It was about boys & girls, had about 10 actors in it, and was made up of a bunch of small interconnected stories. It was Love Actually without the "actually." Naturally, Warner Bros. wanted another February hit. Their idea: make the same movie again, just bigger. Valentines Day has twice as many stars (about 20), bigger names, and interweaving storylines that are more complex. It's all in an effort to teach us something about Valentines Day. What that something is, well, I don't think even the writers know. 

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