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'Friends With Kids' trailer plays around with the necessity of marriage

Just hearing the title Friends With Kids made me a little wary when my friend first sat me down to watch this trailer. A lot of comedy movies that surround pregnancy and children tend to get a little too slapstick for the sake of trying to pull a laugh out of the audience. But Friends With kids looks like it’s going to put character relationships at the forefront and let the humor naturally evolve from there. Still, I have my reservations.

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"Whip It" has real love for its characters (Review)

Whip It reminds me of Dodgeball. If I had ESPN 8: The Ocho, women’s roller derby would be one of its sports. Like the offbeat sport of dodgeball, roller derby is violent, intense, and looks like a hell of a lot of fun to play. Whip It is much the same. It follows the rules of a sports movie, but is a hell of a lot smarter than its genre usually allows.

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Extract is sweet but unfulfilling (Review)

Mike Judge's Extract (R, 91 min.) is hard to dislike. It's full of entertaining and funny characters. Unfortunately, none have any depth. Like the food extract assembly line in the movie, each character has an assigned role, rigidly carries it out, and hands the plot off to whoever's next. Extract provides a funny and sweet taste of its characters, but ultimately left me unfulfilled and craving a comedy with more substance. 

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