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GREEN LANTERN to have a CGI costume

Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Batman's costumes may have looked computer generated, but Green Lantern is about to take it to the next level. Ryan Reynolds will wear only a motion capture suit while filming Martin Cambell's version of the Green Lantern, reports /Film.

My problem, unlike heavy CGI characters of the past, like Spider-Man and Iron Man, Green Lantern shows his face. So we're going to have a computer generated body pasted on a real head--it could look bad, very bad. However, it should be noted that Green Lantern is a different kind of superhero. Much like Venom (Spider-Man villian), he can change his suit on the fly. From what I understand, it scans onto his body very quickly. The design is still a secret, but supposedly his suit should glow with energy. John Gholson from Cinematical thinks his chest logo may even hover out from his suit. Interesting, to be sure.


EDGE OF DARKNESS needs more action, less talk


Mel Gibson is a man made for vengeance. If you wrong him, he will mess you up. We haven’t seen him make good on this since The Patriot (1999) when he won the American revolution because some British guy killed his family. Since that time, the troubled actor has been distracted by Jesus, alcohol, and Jews.Edge of Darkness promises a return to classic Gibson, which is something to celebrate. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend it.

I really want to like Edge of Darkness. The trailer reminds me of Taken and the film is directed by Martin Cambell, who is best known for saving the James Bond franchise twice (Casino RoyaleGoldenEye). And like State of Play, one of my favorite films of 2009, Edge of Darkness is based on a critically acclaimed BBC miniseries, which was also directed by Cambell. The signs for a great mystery action thriller are in place. Regrettably, Cambell and the writing team failed to modernize and translate the material to the big screen.

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