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'Hugo' review - A marvelous film about the magic of cinema

Hugo is a marvelous film about the magic of cinema.

If you’re skeptical, you’re forgiven, as this is a jarring departure from Director Martin Scorsese’s usual material. But what it lacks in gangsters and bullets it makes up for in passion and spectacle. Though billed as a movie for children (and certainly entertaining enough for them), Hugo is a labour of love, and an homage to the visual pleasures of cinema that will delight audiences of all ages and tastes.

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SHUTTER ISLAND is an about-face for Scorsese


Martin Scorsese likes horror-mystery-thrillers, but I don't think he likes what they have become. Shutter Island, his stab at the genre, has the foreboding music and jump cuts of a traditional horror film, but sticks to its mystery for its thrills. You won't find big-budget action sequences or slow-motion fight scenes in Scorsese's epic. Instead, he looks back toward Hitchcock and other pioneers of the genre to re-teach, and perhaps re-learn, the art of good horror. His experiment is a success, for the most part, though he mutes his own style in the process. 

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