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Awesome: David Bowie movie poster mashups 

A good day isn’t complete without a bit of Bowie. The Queen Bitch himself has only starred in a few movies like Labrynth, The Prestige, and Zoolander, but some gifted Photoshop users have modified real movie posters to include Mr. Bowie. These pictures were gathered from many sources, but I believe Flavorwire was one of the first sites to post some of them. Below is our first attempt at a photo gallery, but we’ll give it a whirl. Let’s dance!

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Trailer mashup: 'The Muppets' meets 'The Avengers'

The Muppets has had the best set of trailers of any movie in a while, parodying romantic comedies and all sorts of movies. The actual trailer isn't too bad either. Joining in on the fun, ScreenRant has made its own mashup trailer mixing and matching video from The Muppets to the audio from The Avengers trailer. Check it out. I think the Miss Piggy as Nick Fury dubbing is especially good. ScreenRant also produced the sweet Toy Story meets Inception trailer last year. 

The Muppets will hit theaters on Nov. 23.