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'The Bourne Legacy' trailer - Jeremy Renner does his best Damon

Matt Damon opted not to return to the Bourne series for a fourth outing, but that isn’t stopping Universal. The studio promoted the writer of the first three films, Tony Gilroy, to direct The Bourne Legacy, and it has concocted a new character, played by Jeremy Renner, to take Jason Bourne’s place. Despite all this, it does look intriguing. Am I a sucker? 

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Contagion review - gripping, poignant, unemotional

Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion unfolds as quickly and ruthlessly as the virus around which it is centred. It doesn't occupy its audience with ambiguous shot composition and framing; it is concise and to the point. While the performances from its stars are not award-worthy, they are swift and calculated. At times the film looks and feels sterile, yet remains imbibed with the kind of energy and emotion that many of us have grown accustomed to in recent times, assaulted as we so often are by images on television of natural disasters, war, terrorism, and of course--lethal and misunderstood illnesses.

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'True Grit' gets a decidedly ungritty teaser trailer

Sure, there's plenty of dust, but where's the grit? This slick teaser trailer comes from the Coen brothers, the duo who brought you No Country For Old Men, The Big Lebowski, Burn After Reading, and a bunch of other strange, but funny, but serious movies. True Grit has a superb cast including Jeff Bridges, Josh Brolin, Matt Damon, and Hailee Steinfeld. Like most Ethan and Joel Coen films, it's hard to say what this movie is actually about, but I did find a description!

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'Hereafter,' the new Clint Eastwood movie, has a trailer!

Clint Eastwood and Matt Damon are getting pretty close. The two worked together on Invictus and now again in Hereafter. Damon plays a psychic who gave up fame and fortune to live a quiet life until he's forced back into it. Bryce Dallas Howard, Jay Mohr, Richard Kind, Cécile De France, and Jenifer Lewis also star. 

Here's the official description:

A drama centered on three people who are haunted by mortality in different ways. George (Damon) is a blue-collar American who has a special connection to the afterlife. On the other side of the world, Marie (de France), a French journalist, has a near-death experience that shakes her reality. And when Marcus (Frankie/George McLaren), a London schoolboy, loses the person closest to him, he desperately needs answers. Each on a path in search of the truth, their lives will intersect, forever changed by what they believe might-or must-exist in the hereafter.

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THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU trailer takes Big Brother to a new level

And you thought The Man would be content watching you for infractions. It turns out, he's planning your entire life, right down to the bus you take to get to work. You'd think that if all of life was planned, there would be no way to break the design. Death has the same problem, time and again, in Final Destination.

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Movie News Bits - ALICE IN WONDERLAND extended trailer, Adam Sandler pulls an Eddie Murphy, trailer for INVICTUS by Eastwood, Galifianakis lands another role

Here are some of the more interesting bits of movie news I saw on the web today. Be sure to check out the Hitchcock collection, as it's 55% off on Amazon today. 

New trailer for Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland"

When I first saw the trailer for "Alice in Wonderland" I thought it was a bit Burton-by-numbers. Burton has such a unique style that sometimes he relies on it too closely. With that said, it's starting to grow on me, as is the insane mashing of different technologies used to get the look in this film. Are you guys excited? 

More news after the jump.

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This American Life tells the real story of "The Informant!" Mark Whitacre (Audio)

On Saturday, This American Life, hosted by Ira Glass on NPR, re-aired an episode on Mark Whitacre, who served as a double agent for the FBI in one of the largest price fixing scandals in history, but ended up serving a jail sentence three times longer than the executives he blew the whistle on. I highly recommend you go see The Informant! in theaters if you haven’t already; it’s great. According to Ira Glass, this episode actually inspired a screenwriter to adapt Mark Whitacre’s story to the big screen. Whitacre’s tale is told in Kurt Eichenwald’s book: The Informant.

Here’s the link to listen to the MP3, or download it here.

Ira Glass speaks to Whitacre about the price fixing conspiracy at the food company ADM, Archer Daniels Midland, and his cooperation with the FBI in recording over 250 hours of secret video and audio tapes. They even play actual audio from many of the tapes. Price fixing, and its effects, are discussed in detail. I can’t recommend this program enough. Here is a link to This American Life’s website.


The Informant! is one amusing and delusional guy (Review)

Have you ever been caught in a lie? In the third grade I got angry at a girl in my neighborhood when she left me and my bike out in the rain. To get back at her, I told my Mother that she maliciously rolled my bike into the ditch (I wanted her to pay). I got caught in that lie and paid the price. I found out how shameful a lie can be. Mark Whitacre never learned this lesson.

Mark Whitacre (Matt Damon) was a high ranking and upwardly mobile fortune 500 executive who ratted out his own company to the FBI. He was a mole for the FBI for more than two years. Mark is a strange guy, and I mean that in the fullest sense of the word. Lucky for us, the movie made about him (this is a true story) is as idiosyncratic as the man himself.

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