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LEAP YEAR has more clichés than most parodies


I want you to write down all of the situations, settings, shots, and lines from the hundreds of romantic comedies you've seen or heard of--all the glances, all of the broken hearts, all of the newfound love, all of the marriage scenes, everything, all of it. Write them all down on little note cards and put them into a garbage bag (there should be too many for a hat). Done that? Good. Okay, now pick an attractive actress, two attractive actors, and a setting. Finally, grab about 30 of those cards and lay them out on the table. If the actors you picked were Amy Adams, Matthew Goode, and a well-groomed Adam Scott, congratulations, you've just written Leap Year.

Scene-for-scene, there are more clichés in Leap Year than most professional parodies and satires. It makes Scary Movie look original. Here's an overview: Anna (Amy Adams), a rich city girl, is always in control of the situation. She decides to travel to Dublin, Ireland (an exotic romantic location) to propose to her boyfriend (Adam Scott), the initial love interest who we aren't supposed to like. He's a surgeon who seems to love inflamed aortas on more than he does Anna. 

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