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'Friends With Kids' trailer plays around with the necessity of marriage

Just hearing the title Friends With Kids made me a little wary when my friend first sat me down to watch this trailer. A lot of comedy movies that surround pregnancy and children tend to get a little too slapstick for the sake of trying to pull a laugh out of the audience. But Friends With kids looks like it’s going to put character relationships at the forefront and let the humor naturally evolve from there. Still, I have my reservations.

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JONAH HEX lacks the cool space guns and rocking music of a Muse video (review)

Rating:  (Embarrassing)

Jonah Hex is an 80 minute (less if you don't watch the credits) eruption of Hollywood explosions, dumb dialogue, Megan Fox closeups, and hero-meets-villain confrontations. It's Hollywood's closest attempt at mimicking the Knights of Cydonia Muse video, but lacks the cool space guns and rocking music. 

If you don't believe me, see it. There are a few remarkable similarities. The villain (John Malkovich) kidnaps the hero's girlfriend and shoots him. The hero dies out in the woods, but is somehow brought back to life so he can gallop back to save his girlfriend to the beat of heavy rock music and stop John Malkovich from destroying the Fourth of July. If Hex were a feature length Muse video, I'd love it. Sadly, it isn't

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JONAH HEX trailer looks somewhat typical

Megan Fox seems to enjoy movies where someone is bound and tortured. She starred in Jennifer's Body last year. This time, however, no succubus emerges. Instead, Josh Brolin becomes a man sworn to protect the west from evil, and avenge the innocent. Jonah Hex is based on a DC Comic that first cropped up in the early 1970s. John Malkovich plays the villain and it looks like funnyman Will Arnett makes an appearance as well.

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Jennifer's Body proves Megan Fox and Adam Brody can act (Review)

If you are in high school and an insanely hot girl comes on to you out of nowhere, don’t get excited. She may want to eat your organs and drink your blood. Or at least, I think she wants to eat your organs and drink your blood. Do yourself a favor and start running anyway. It’s not entirely clear what Megan Fox is up to in Jennifer’s Body, a surprisingly offbeat horror/comedy/teen film by the writer of Juno, but it’s not good.

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Review - Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen **

Watching Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is like having a friend clang all of your silverware together a few inches from your face, and yell sexist jokes in a racially stereotypical voice for 2 1/2 hours, all while you watch the last Transformers.

The plot as I understand it: Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) is leaving for college and his parents are having a hard time letting go. He’s still dating Mikaela Banes (Megan Fox) who is extremely hot, or so the camera constantly reminds us, but he won’t say the “L” word (love). When he gets to college, he’s treated to an extremely realistic depiction of dorm life and its temptations. This section of the movie might as well be a documentary; my first day of college was exactly the same—full of Playboy models who all want my body and sex parties.

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