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'Rock of Ages' trailer - Tom Cruise gets crazy as an 80s rocker

The first trailer for the Tom Cruise 80’s revival Rock of Ages is now online and I can’t wait to see it! If the concept of Footloose (the original), Studio 54, and This is Spinal Tap all rolled into one doesn’t get your drainpipe jeans and permed hair wet then you were clearly born in the 90’s!

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Hear Arnold sing in TOTAL RECALL the musical (Funny)

Can't get enough of Total Recall? If you're as big a fan of the Schwarzenegger classic as I am, the little man inside you will be excited to finally watch the film in sing-song, as it was always intended. This video was created by Jon and Al Kaplan as the first part of Total Recall: The Musical. It's titled: "The Mountains of Mars." Check it out. (Thanks to Cinematical for the link.)