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Cars 2 review - Pixar's big-budget bid for cash

Welcome back to the world of Cars. Did you miss it? Cars was John Lasseter's ode to America's love affair with the automobile, with the slick red racer Lightning McQueen trying to find himself and make a name for Radiator Springs, a forgotten town off Route 66. Replacing much of the heart and character development of the first movie is a new spy thriller, complete with huge explosions, tons of car chases, a mystery, and a race around the entire world. This sequel couldn't be more sequelish if it tried. 

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HOW DO YOU KNOW and why should you care (review)

Rating:  (Embarrassing)

How Do You Know is a bad title for James L. Brooks's newest romantic comedy because you'll 'know' all you need to know in a few seconds: Reese Witherspoon is the girl, Owen Wilson is the inattentive boyfriend, and Paul Rudd is the nice guy. As the nice guy, he will slowly become the love of her life. How do I know? Like a game of Clue, it's how these stories work.

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A ZOOLANDER sequel? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

Finally, MTV learns how to report good. Hopefully they'll learn how to do other things good too. The former music network cornered Ben Stiller and finally confirmed that a Zoolander sequel is in the works. This is good news for fans of piano neckties, gas fights, and Billy Zane. Stiller is working with Justin Theroux, who co-wrote Tropic Thunder with him a couple years back. More recently, Theroux played a love interest  to Amy Poehler in Parks & Recreation and wrote Iron Man 2, which hits theaters this summer.

Stiller had plenty to say about the sequel.

"We have a new story idea that we feel excited about and we're going to try to go forward," he [Stiller] said. "The beginning of the movie is [set]... 10 years later, and Derek & Hansel are literally forgotten. Nobody even knows who they are, so they have to re-invent themselves."

Since this is a story about the world of fashion, whatever's written will have to reflect how people who have been out of the loop would return to an industry that changes seasonally after 10 years. "Well I think it has to be [a 'Zoolander' for a new generation]," Stiller explained. "The fashion world, you know, you go away for a year and its changed. It just happens so quickly."

Mugatu may even return, if Will Farrell is up for some hair bleaching. I am a huge fan of the original film, which has grown on me like a fine fungus over the past 10 years. Hopefully they do it justice.


FANTASTIC MR. FOX is UP there with Pixar


Fantastic Mr. Fox is one of the best family films I've ever seen and, to the best of my knowledge, a remarkably accurate adaptation of the classic Roald Dahl book. To tell this story from 1970, Wes Anderson has chosen to use technology from the era, traveling back in time to give us a completely stop-motion film. The result is one of the most unique, colorful, and beautiful films of the year. More importantly, like all Pixar films, it's a smart movie that anyone can enjoy. 

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