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Avatar: Special Edition trailer  

I hope they aren't revealing all the new scenes here. The trailer for Avatar: Special Edition has arrived. The film will be 8 minutes longer than the original and release on more 3D screens than were available when Avatar hit theaters in late 2009. That's really all there is to say, I guess. There are some new Pandoran running beasts in the trailer. That's cool, right?

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8 Ways Cameron's AVATAR is eerily similar to TITANIC

So the news is out: Avatar has officially surpassed Titanic as the highest grossing movie (worldwide) of all time and will soon surpass it in the United States as well. If my predictions are correct, it will be the first film to break $2 billion in worldwide box office revenue.  To celebrate, I thought it might be time to take a look at some striking similarities between the newest biggest thing and its Titanic predecessor. Enjoy.

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AVATAR is officially the #2 biggest movie of all time and sequels are confirmed

The numbers don't lie. With $1.13 billion in worldwide box office receipts, Avatar has officially outsold The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King to become the second highest grossing movie of all time, after only 20 days. Can it beat Titanic? Yes, I think it can

In other Avatar news, some guy from Ain't It Cool News claims James Cameron confirmed at a Q&A session that there will be trilogy of Avatar films. This would be the first actual confirmation of a sequel from Cameron. A couple weeks back he said that he's open to the idea of sequels, and that they'd explore the other moons around Pandora, but wanted to see how well the film was received. 


AVATAR likely to dethrone TITANIC in worldwide box office

By the end of this week, Avatar will surpass Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and Lord of the Rings: Return of the King to become the #2 worldwide highest grossing movie of all time. It's going to happen, so make peace with it. As of Sunday, Return of the King, the current #2, is less than $100 million ahead of Avatar. It sits at $1.11 billion in sales, compared to Avatar's $1.02 billion.

Honestly, by the end of today (Tuesday) or tomorrow, Avatar could be #2. The big question: can it dethrone Titanic (another Cameron movie). Titanic is the #1 movie of all time with $1.84 billion in worldwide ticket sales. I think so, and here's why.

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AVATAR draws huge numbers on Monday, again

Pandora may be full of unobtainium, but James Cameron’s Avatar is obtaining plenty of cash at the box office.  The film brought in another $19.4 million on Monday, a figure that is even higher than the $16.3 million it made last Monday. Numbers this high are normally reserved for a Friday or Saturday, but the Na'vi have pulled in $16+ million every day except Thursday when it bottomed at $11.1 million. It’s domestic total has now reached $232 million, and after only 11 days, it's grossed $642 million worldwide. More on Monday after the jump.

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AVATAR racks up $617.3 million in worldwide sales, sequels will be on other planets, and its a bootlegger's dream

This was a year of lame epics. Wolverine, Terminator Salvation, G.I. Joe, 2012, WatchmenTransformers 2...they all kind of sucked. Star Trek is an exception and District 9 landed out of nowhere, but it was a pretty consistent trend. Avatar has restored my faith in the epic. It's fresh and new not because it has faster cuts, bigger explosions, and more T&A, but because it's a rich cinematic experience with an array strengths that play to almost all audiences. This is a movie that me and my buddies can enjoy as well as my mother. It's a great film.

Here are a few stories floating around about James Cameron's new epic (after the jump).

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