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Weekend Box Office Actuals - PARANORMAL ACTIVITY cuts SAW VI in half and AMELIA tanks

Everyone posts studio estimates for the weekend on Sundays, but I like to see the actual numbers. These come every Monday afternoon. This week, "The Vampire Assistant" actually placed one slot higher in the actuals than "The Stepfather" and both "Saw" and "Paranormal Activity" did made less than their estimates.

The final numbers are out and "Paranormal Activity" is set to be this year's biggest horror movie, rising for it's fifth straight week to top the box office charts. Paramount has masterfully crafted its roll-out starting it in only 12 theaters in late September and increasing to 1,945 this weekend. More interesting, it faced reigning Halloween box office champion "Saw VI" this weekend and cut its rival's usual opening numbers in half. The final box office numbers (not estimates) were just released and are below.

  Movie Weekend #s Total
1 Paranormal Activity $21,104,070 $61,580,588
2 Saw VI $14,118,444 $14,118,444
3 Where the Wild Things Are $14,019,406 $53,558,981
4 Law Abiding Citizen $12,403,888 $40,008,703
5 Couples Retreat $10,620,685 $77,736,885
6 Astro Boy $6,702,923 $6,702,923
7 The Vampire's Assistant $6,293,205 $6,293,205
8 The Stepfather $6,230,969 $20,082,652
9 Cloudy w/a Chance of Meatballs $5,250,541 $114,854,877
10 Zombieland $4,205,812 $67,213,384

How "Paranormal Activity" bested "Saw" after the jump.

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Movie News Bits - some ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT movie plot details, 23rd Bond to film next year, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2?, Netflix on PS3

News without the fluff. I still haven't come up with a tagline for this. In any case, nothing earth shattering happened this weekend, but we did get a few new details on the "Arrested Development" movie, Netflix, and the next Bond film. Enjoy.

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Weekend Box Office - "Where the Wild Things Are" Grabs $32 Million. "Paranormal Activity" Breaks $20 Million

People wanted to know "Where the Wild Things Are," and it looks like they found out. The PG-rated boy-meets-beasts adventure took the top spot this weekend with $32 million in its first three days. The big story is still "Paranormal Activity" though, as it rises yet higher, landing at number three and proving to be one of the most successful indie roll-outs in recent memory. "The Stepfather" also performed better than a terrible movie should. Here’s the chart. The first number is what it made this weekend and the second is it’s total. More after the jump:

  • 1 Where the Wild Things Are $32,470,000 - $32,470,000
  • 2 Law Abiding Citizen            $21,250,000 - $21,250,000
  • 3 Paranormal Activity            $20,163,000 - $33,717,000
  • 4 Couples Retreat                 $17,949,000 - $63,339,000
  • 5 The Stepfather (2009)        $12,300,000 - $12,300,000
  • 6 Cloudy Meatballs                $8,100,000 -  $108,284,000
  • 7 Zombieland                       $7,800,000 -   $60,823,000
  • 8 Toy Story/Toy Story2 (3D)   $3,011,000 -   $28,594,000
  • 9 Surrogates                        $1,922,000 -   $36,332,000
  • 10 The Invention of Lying      $1,905,000 -  $15,495,000

Last weekend "Couples Retreat" was the only major release. Luckily, we have more than a lame Vince Vaughn comedy to see this weekend. "Where the Wild Things Are" impressed many in its 3,735 theaters. Matt Goldberg from Collider absolutely loved it, as did I, and it is sitting on a 68% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I’m still not sure how Spike Jonze, the writer for MTV’s "Jackass" managed to take a 10 sentence children’s book and make it into a completely compelling and amazing 90 minute film, but somehow he did. He had the help of the Jim Hensen company as well. Even if you don’t like "Where The Wild Things Are," it’s worth seeing as both a technical achievement and realization how much we need Hensen-esque puppetry and real objects as much as computer graphics in movies.

"Paranormal Activity" is the hot fall item though. Upping its count from just over 100 theaters last weekend to 750, the 2007 indie thriller made an estimated $20 million this weekend, up from $8 million last weekend. To get those numbers, it has a per-screen average of more than $26,000. It will be interesting to see how far this one will climb, but with Halloween only two weeks away, the film still has some room to grow. More after the jump.

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