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Awesome video: 'Requiem for a Dream' with puppets

Requiem for a Dream is one of the most disturbing and brilliant movies I’ve ever seen. Replace all of the actors with puppets and you have a masterpiece. Fans of the movie will find a lot to love in this short little trailer. All of the key themes and bits seem to be here, from the refridgerator to the TV to “tail to tail” action. Drugs are bad, but this is awesome. 

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We R Animals is a puppet movie full of pimp cats, vampire bats, horny dogs, and R-rated madness

This disturbing picture is not a sequel to Meet the Feebles or Gremlins or a new episode of Greg the Bunny, but its creators must be huge fans of them. Titled We R Animals, it's an R-rated animatronic puppet movie filled with "drug using cats, horny dogs, cat-ninja assassins, vampire bats, cruelty, and magic." Better yet, there is no talk of computer generated imagery anywhere. It's just classic, violent puppetry. I hadn't heard of this movie before today, but count me in. 

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