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Awesome video: 'Requiem for a Dream' with puppets

Requiem for a Dream is one of the most disturbing and brilliant movies I’ve ever seen. Replace all of the actors with puppets and you have a masterpiece. Fans of the movie will find a lot to love in this short little trailer. All of the key themes and bits seem to be here, from the refridgerator to the TV to “tail to tail” action. Drugs are bad, but this is awesome. 

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Intense trailer: Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan

Wow. I don't think there is anyone who can capture the fragility of sanity quite like Darren Aronofsky. Like The Wrestler and Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan pits a character against her own ambition. Will she break? Mila Kunis also stars. Since the end of That 70s Show, she's been trying many different roles, from Forgetting Sarah Marshall to Extract to The Book of Eli. This looks to be another great choice. Watch the trailer below. I can't wait for this movie!

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Five great movies that mess with your mind, like INCEPTION

I can't see Inception until midnight tonight, but the anticipation is driving me crazy. And so I present you with some of my favorite movies that mess with your brain. Many of these films leave you wondering, what you just watched. Others will haunt you. All are fantastically beautiful trips through the subconscious. Check em out!

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