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Be like Ripley this Halloween and make an Aliens Power Loader costume! (instructions)

If you really want to be one of the cool kids this Halloween, you'll spend the night waddling down the street in one of these bad boys -- a full-sized replica of Ripley's Power Loader suit from Aliens. A guy named "Alexthemoviegeek" made it when he realized that he had spent hundreds of hours making a full-sized replica of the Alien Queen but had no way of dispatching her, should she magically come to life. A picture and video is below.

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AVATAR is a truly visceral experience; go see it


I am stunned and awed by Avatar, James Cameron's new epic. It defies the rules. This is a film with little dialogue, a thin plot, and a predictable end. Every fiber of it is constructed for a mass audience, from the cheesy one-liners to the giant battle at the end. Yet somehow Cameron pulls off the impossible. With Avatar, he has made a brilliant science fiction story (or is it fantasy?) palatable for almost anybody and he's done it, not by showing giant transforming robots with gold teeth and wrecking ball gonads, but by creating an alien world so complete and intensely beautiful that you're forced to separate your eyes from your mind and just enjoy the ride.

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