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Casey Affleck doesn't know what "I'm Still Here" is about - his own movie

Roger Ebert has posted a great interview with Casey Affleck about his recently outed mockumentary I'm Still Here, which follows the exploits of Joaquin Phoenix. The actor grew a beard, quit acting, and tried to start a rap career. Most reviewers suspected it was staged, but none knew for sure, until Affleck came clean to the New York Times some days ago. Ebert, who believed the film was real, asked the director what the point of the movie was; you know, why the two of them spent a year creating this character and story. His response: he doesn't really know.

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Roger Ebert reboots 'At the Movies' TV series on PBS

Roger Ebert is not always a fan of movie remakes and reboots, but he's restarting the program that made him famous. On Saturday, the veteran film critic announced that his half-hour movie review show, At the Movies, will make a comeback on PBS. The new program will be titled Roger Ebert Presents At the Movies and hosted by Christy Lemire, a film critic at The Associated Press, and Elvis Mitchell of NPR.

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Good editorial: Why do you care if critics hate the movies you like?

I've been meaning to write something about reviewing movies, but Paul Young of Screen Rant has summed up my feelings quite well. I encourage you to check out what he has to say. If you don't have the patience to read, get some, but here's his bottom line.

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Roger Ebert wins a Webby for person of the year

I thought the Webby Awards had become somewhat of a joke in recent years. They didn't seem entirely about the web anymore. This year, however, there were a few very deserving winners this year, most notably, Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert. The video is below.

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Roger Ebert speaks for the first time on Oprah

Imagine not being able to speak. Not at all, nothing. You have no voice box. Now imagine losing the ability to eat food. Welcome to legendary film critic Roger Ebert's life. Since losing most of his jaw to cancer treatments in 2005, he eats through a drip tube and speaks through post-its, hand signs, and a generic computer voice from his iMac.

Watch him speak for the first time after the jump.

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AVATAR is a truly visceral experience; go see it


I am stunned and awed by Avatar, James Cameron's new epic. It defies the rules. This is a film with little dialogue, a thin plot, and a predictable end. Every fiber of it is constructed for a mass audience, from the cheesy one-liners to the giant battle at the end. Yet somehow Cameron pulls off the impossible. With Avatar, he has made a brilliant science fiction story (or is it fantasy?) palatable for almost anybody and he's done it, not by showing giant transforming robots with gold teeth and wrecking ball gonads, but by creating an alien world so complete and intensely beautiful that you're forced to separate your eyes from your mind and just enjoy the ride.

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Hitler is fed up with the Avatar hype (Video)

How does Adolf Hitler feel about James Cameron’s Avatar trailer premiere? This is probably the only thing Hitler and I do agree on, though I bet he liked the Bond movie, Moonraker (until the end). Anyway, check it out. Pretty funny. I stumbled across it at Tarson Mead’s blog. For those who don’t know, I’m not impressed with how much overhype Avatar is getting…and failing to live up to. I didn’t get the chance to see the 15 minutes of footage, but haven’t heard great things about it. Here’s an article by Roger Ebert, who gives his impressions of the Avatar IMAX preview footage. I’m working on a couple big articles this week, but this will have to due for tonight. Be sure to check out the “Jeffrey on” news on the right. I posted a Star Trek story there as well.