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The Next Three Days teams Russell Crowe with badass Liam Neeson (trailer)

I just saw Taken a few days ago, and I am still on a Neeson high. There's a reason why studios hire him to play god-like figures in movies--he is the man. Russell Crowe isn't bad either. State of Play was one of last year's best thrillers, though Robin Hood was nothing special. The Next Three Days teams them to break Crowe's wife (Elizabeth Banks) out of prison. She's been sentenced to life for murder and he believe's she's innocent. The trailer is below.

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ROBIN HOOD is a big lie, but "OK" action movie (review)

Rating: (Passable)

We're about to learn how much blatant fabrication movie audiences will endure. Robin Hood has almost nothing in common with the legendary tale it's based on, and I see no evidence that anyone involved in this film had a lick of interest in the legendary outlaw who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Instead, we get a 45-year-old Russell Crowe (Robin) shooting and stabbing bands of Frenchmen in the forest. Don't get me wrong, this is a decent action flick, but Universal Pictures and Director Ridley Scott lied when they named it Robin Hood.

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New ROBIN HOOD trailer shows signs of a plot

I was surprised by Iron Man 2's trailer earlier this week. Now it looks like Robin Hood might be a good movie as well. The new trailer shows bits of the thieve's childhood and some nice battle sequences. It still looks too much like Gladiator 2, but to that I ask myself: what's wrong with a sequel to Gladiator? It was a great film, after all. We'll find out how it all pans out May 14. Until then, enjoy the trailer.