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'Kick-Ass' star Aaron Johnson looks promising as young John Lennon in 'Nowhere Boy'

I would describe myself as a Beatles fanatic.  I'm familiar with pretty much all of their music, from their Hamburg days to Sgt. Pepper and beyond; I've read biographies; I've watched the entire Anthology more than once.  That said, Beatles films rarely impress me.  Its just so difficult for a filmmaker to capture whatever magic element The Beatles had, and make it work as a movie.  

So when I read, some time ago, that a new biopic was in the works about the early life of the most controversial member of the Fab Four - John Lennon - I was excited, but cautious.  I was reasonably impressed by Aaron Johnson in Kick-Ass, but I knew little about him aside from that, and my confidence in his ability to pull off a personality as complex as Lennon was thin.

However, after viewing the trailer, I think I may have underestimated Johnson.  Alive with youth, cheeky, and ambitious, he conducts himself with the same easy arrogance that young Lennon must have possessed, all while exuding a boyish sort of charm that attempts to gloss over teenage insecurity.  Johnson may not be a dead ringer for John Lennon, but who says he has to be?  Looks only get you so far, and I think he actually has the chops to pull this off! 

Judge for yourself by viewing the Nowhere Boy trailer, and a second clip, after the jump.  

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